March 2021
Cooklang app
Cooklang is easy to use, all-in-one recipe organizer and shopping list.
There was no easy way to create, collect, and share your own recipes.
problem validation
& user research.
The client manages a community of cooking nerds. Conversations with community members validated the problem, helping to pinpoint the target audience and the primary use cases for MVP.
The primary objective was to design an MVP app with a flexible file structure and cover some use cases:
  • Add, edit, remove and organize recipes;
  • Create a shopping lists;
  • Help with meal preparation.
We have designed a simple and flexible semantic system for recipe description.

Next step: The developing a recipe builder or converter any recipe to our description.
The app recognizes the recipe description and displays a comprehensible list of ingredients, cookware, and preparation steps with images.
The shopping list will help the user to purchase all the necessary items for the dish. The user can add ingredients to the shopping list.
The user can sort ingredients by categories or recipes, mark purchased ingredients, or delete unnecessary ones.
If a timeframe is mentioned in the recipe, the application will highlight it and suggest setting a timer to save the user time during the cooking process.
Of course, the user can manually set and start a custom timer.
When the user is using the app while cooking, amidst steam, water, vegetables, nothing should be distracting. Therefore, when seeking a style for this app, I focused on contrasting colors, and simple, highly readable fonts.
However, the role of the app's icon is to distinguish it from others and to be memorable. The warm colors underline that it is related to food.

I tried various approaches. But I settled on a UFO smile made from a bowl and three peppercorns. This creates a unique image that sets the application apart from competitor icons in the food category.
I've got a convenient app, with minimal functions, but wrapped in a sexy visual with thought-out use cases. The app is also adapted for he iPad. The memory-sticking icon indeed adds to its charm.